August 11, 2020

Our first son, Adrian, was born at home in 2017 with the most incredible birth team that helped us feel safe and supported throughout the entire process (prenatal, birth, postnatal). We loved and looked forward to all of our appointments with our midwife and student midwife team so the second I got a positive pregnancy test, she was the very next person I notified. I was thrilled...

August 5, 2020

When you are about to give birth to your fourth child, you think that you know how everything is going to go. After all, you have given birth three times prior…you should know what birth is like, right? I have been learning that in motherhood, even with vast experience, all things can, and likely will, be new.

In birth, there is no true known aside from unknown of nature. She is...

May 1, 2020

We were anticipating an early and possibly quick delivery with our rainbow baby. But never could have imagined how early and how quickly. This is Austin's story.

Austin's due date was May 10th, 2020, Mother's Day. Due to my history of preterm labor and delivery and this being my fourth pregnancy, my OB had taken all precautions to prevent an early baby. From multiple doctor visits...

April 15, 2020

I am letting the Dads take over this blog and tell you in their own words, what having a birth photographer is like. Enjoy!

My experience with Nicole as a birth photographer is an amazing one. My initial thoughts of having a birth photographer was more of an excitement for my wife, and not for myself. I figured there would just be some great photos. Not to mention, quite a bit of...

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