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Luca's Birth Story- An Unmedicated Hospital Birth- Madison WI

When I found out in November 2017 that I was pregnant with our second baby, my brain couldn’t fathom how, exactly, I could love another child as much as our first born, Myles. Lots of people told me your heart just grows and I believed them. But I had no idea how. I just couldn’t picture it. But that’s truly what happens. It’s like Dr. Seuss’s Grinch when his heart grows in size – my heart grew twice as big the day Luca was born and now I can’t imagine how we’d ever been a family of three. My entire pregnancy with Luca was fairly standard. It was similar to Myles and fairly uneventful. It was harder to rest since we had a two-year old demanding my attention. But overall, this pregnancy was a

Breastfeeding/ Pumping Mini Session- Madison WI Postpartum Photographer

Breastfeeding / Pumping is a journey and it's a journey that needs to be celebrated. It does not matter how long you did it for, or how much milk you made, you did it, and that is something to be proud of. To my breastfeeding mamas, you stuck through the horrible first weeks, the cracked nipples, the crying (both you and babe), the leaky boobs, cluster feeding, teething, never having a moment to yourself, and maybe even mastitis (or thrush, or both) but you know what beautiful mama, YOU are pretty incredible. You kept going. You. Are. Amazing. To my pumping mamas, you are the real MVP. Pumping around the clock, washing SO.MANY.PARTS. Having to always remember your pump and bring it everywher

Chris + Nicole's Wedding at Blackhawk Country Club

These two. It's easy to see why these two fell in love. Nicole and Chris had the perfect weather for their wedding day (ok, maybe it was a tad bit warm) and were surrounded by so much love. Their wedding party was just the right amount of rowdy, and the day went so smoothly. Nicole and Chris both have this infectious laugh that can make anyone smile, it's probably one of my favorite things about them. The moment Chris saw Nicole, it was as if time stopped. He told her multiple times how beautiful she looked, and they shared many, many laughs. I hope you enjoy seeing a small peek into what their day was like. These images tell a story, and what a love story it is. Special thanks to my rocksta

Valor's Birth Story- Madison Home Birth- Retained Placenta

Valor Shae Berlanga-Hodges Born 3/15/18 *Trigger warning- retained placenta* I was 40 weeks and 10 days pregnant on March 14, 2018. I am not sure if you are aware, but that is most certainly NOT 9 months. That is one of the many lies you hear about pregnancy. Anyway, since we had reached the 40 week mark I was insisting this baby come Earth side soon, so I got the go ahead from my midwife to take a castor oil shake. I did, and it was delicious. Ingrid (my midwife) told me to go to sleep and maybe in the morning I will start having contractions. Well, it was about 3 hours later, and I was finally having contractions! Things got real, real quick. My partner Liberty made all the important phon

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