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Adam's Family- A Day in the Life

This family. They don't know it, but when I was in the thick of my postpartum anxiety and was doubting whether I was any good at this photographer stuff, their newborn session brought me back to life. I instantly connected to Maggy as we bonded over having babies and crazy toddlers. We both kinda used cloth diapers and were big breastfeeding advocates. I felt so at peace documenting their newborn stage. I left that session feeling that I was still on the right path of life. Sometimes you just need someone to connect with who is in the same stage of life you are, so thank you Maggy. Six months later Maggy hired me for a 2 hour documentary session and I was of course overjoyed to see this beau

Jasper's Birth Story- FTM Fast Unmedicated Hospital Birth

Oh my sweet baby boy, where do I begin? As we celebrate your first birthday today, I find myself reflecting on our journey together. I loved being pregnant with you, watching my body change as you grew inside me, listening to your heartbeat at each check-up, and feeling you move around. Feeling you every day was absolutely my favorite part of our early time together. The first time I felt a flutter of movement was when Daddy and I went to the Green Day concert. Perhaps you were rocking out, or perhaps it was the vibrations, but I thought for sure I felt something. It wasn’t until a short time later, when I was lying down for bed talking to you and rubbing my belly, that I felt a stronger flu

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