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Emily & Tess -Mommy & Me Session - Journey in Adoption and Induced Lactation/ Breastfeeding!

My road to motherhood was long but worth every ounce of strife to arrive at today’s joy. After the stillbirth of our son, James, in 2010 and the subsequent birth and neonatal death of our daughter, Josie, in 2011, our world was crushed. I chose to pump and donate my breast milk after Josie’s passing. It was a way to keep her spirit close to me while continuing to honor my motherhood. It also primed my body for breastfeeding subsequent children. In a truly remarkable fashion, our second daughter was born and adopted into our family in 2012. After much research and medical advice, I chose to breastfeed her through induced lactation. Madison is lucky to have amazing doctors and breastfeedi

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