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Lily's Birth Story- A Healing VBAC with the Midwives at SSM Health.

When we found out we were pregnant with this little one in July we went to our 1st appt assuming we had no choice but to deliver baby by c section. I was discussing a Fresh 48 photo session with Nicole, because I knew a birth photo session for a c-section wouldnt be allowed and while talking she asked me "Are you sure it will be a belly birth?" I told her yeah I didnt really have a choice as much as I wanted a natural labor, with my situation it would never work out and she urged me to look further into it, she guided me to find my voice, she helped me find information needed, stories of people who have accomplished it, care providers who truly listen. By having this one convo with her it le

A Day in the Life with the White Family.

I have been documenting this family since Phoebe's (very fast) birth, and these are always my favorite sessions with them. Letting the kiddos be crazy and little in their own environment, and getting to see how this amazing family functions is always fun! I spent 3 hours with them. In that time we played, made pancakes, had breakfast, read books, went potty, got dresses, went outside, and went to the grocery store!

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