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Baby Phoebe- A FAST birth story

In general, I am very regimented. From the get-go, my life plan was to get good grades, attend and graduate college, establish a career, get married, buy a house, and FINALLY become a mommy - preferably to more than one. So there was always a lot of future thinking and planning ahead for the next big step. I know, BASIC. Oh yeah, and I wanted to be a young mom, too. My husband, Alex, makes fun of me for my strict plans, often asking, "Well, what's next?" but is certainly happy to go with the flow.

The first five listed items were easy, but becoming a mom gave me anxiety. I had to trust my body, and couldn't rely on persistence, intellect, or love. I was convinced that it would take a while for us to bring a baby into our family. And I was right, although not in the way I initially thought. When it was time to start trying, Alex and I were pregnant immediately. Three times, in fact. But each pregnancy ended in unexplained 1st trimester miscarriage that weighed (and still do weigh) very heavily on our hearts.

Our fourth pregnancy was petrifying, but ended at 40 weeks and 2 days with a beautiful baby boy, our son -- now a rambunctious 22 month old.

Due to the aforementioned fertility issues, we wanted to get pregnant again once I was done breastfeeding at 12 months. We luckily did. That was this pregnancy. This pregnancy was trying (early bleeding and influenza in the first trimester), but much less terrifying.

Onto the birth...

I assumed I'd be overdue again before giving birth to this girl, but that wasn't the case. At 39 weeks and 2 days, I woke up to mild, but real contractions around 12:30AM. After about an hour of tracking 1 minute long, 5 minute apart contractions, I call Meriter. Because I could talk through the contractions easily, I was told to get some rest and call back later with an update. Well, it was WAY too exciting to sleep!! Contractions got closer together. Three minutes apart.

I wake up Alex. I call my mom to meet us. I call my step-mom to come take care of our son while we go to the hospital. I call the birth photographer. Alex and I take the 45 minute drive to Meriter. Contractions become nearly unbearable in the car and I'm unable to focus on much else. When we arrive at the hospital, I nearly bit Alex's head off when he told the emergency department staff "WE are in labor." My water broke all over the wheel chair in the elevator and along the way from the emergency department to triage.

Alex called Nicole to give her a rapid update while I screamed in pain. Meanwhile, the triage nurse told me I was completely dilated, so they were sending me up to labor and delivery (L&D) immediately. I was instructed not to push on our elevator ride up!

We arrived at L&D and I asked (read: screamed) for pain medicine, but someone said I was doing great and it was time to push. I'm sure my eyes rolled quite obviously at that point. The baby was delivered in three short pushes. This was only 17 minutes after we got to the hospital. Seriously, unreal.

The present: Our little girl, Phoebe, is perfect. We are elated. We are now a family of four.

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