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Adrian's 6 Month Milestone- Cuddles, Baby Led Weaning, and Bath-time with Mom!

Whenever I get the chance to photograph one of my birth families I am a happy camper! This family is so special to me as I got to wear my sweet Charlotte at this little guys birth (she was just 3 weeks old!). It's true what they say, time really does fly. It blows my mind how this adorable chicken loving chunk is 9 months old as I finally sit to type up his 6 month session.

Adrian's session was full of cuddles from mom and dad. Then we changed into a cute diaper, and dug into some food! Baby Led Weaning is going amazing for this guy! He loved eating, and this might have been his favorite part of our time together! After eating we stripped him down to take a bath with mom. This was so special as the last time I photographed them in the water, it was the day he was born. <3

And yes, I am obsessed with capturing baby feet and hands. Sorry not sorry!

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