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Breastfeeding/ Pumping Mini Session- Madison WI Postpartum Photographer

Breastfeeding / Pumping is a journey and it's a journey that needs to be celebrated. It does not matter how long you did it for, or how much milk you made, you did it, and that is something to be proud of.

To my breastfeeding mamas, you stuck through the horrible first weeks, the cracked nipples, the crying (both you and babe), the leaky boobs, cluster feeding, teething, never having a moment to yourself, and maybe even mastitis (or thrush, or both) but you know what beautiful mama, YOU are pretty incredible. You kept going. You. Are. Amazing.

To my pumping mamas, you are the real MVP. Pumping around the clock, washing SO.MANY.PARTS. Having to always remember your pump and bring it everywhere (and all the times you forget that one blasted piece...). For the times your baby is crying while you pump and hurriedly put it in a bottle, just know that you are incredible. You have a super power, and you are feeding your baby with your body, how amazing! It may not be the way you had hoped (or maybe breastfeeding wasn't for you but you decided to pump), but you are doing an amazing thing for you baby and I am so proud of you.

To all the mamas that get donated milk, I see you. I know you are trying. I know you wanted to feed your baby, but you know what, we've got you. It takes a village to raise a baby and sometimes takes a village to feed one. YOU, are amazing and YOU are the perfect mama for your baby.

Here are just a few images of my last breastfeeding mini session with some gorgeous mamas. Each mini session is 20 minutes long. These are fast sessions but I can get so much during this time. If you are worried about your babe actually wanting to nurse when the camera is on, it's ok. Even if they decide they don't want to breastfeed, I can get some great mommy and me photos! Each session will get a minimum of 10 photos to download and keep forever. I promise, you will not regret documenting this journey with your baby. Here is what a few mamas had to say about their session.

"Nicole was able to capture such perfect breastfeeding photos of me and my kids! She was so sweet and being a momma herself, she made me feel so comfortable. While I was initially nervous, I am so glad I did it- I will cherish the photos forever"- Angela

"My daughter and I did a breastfeeding mini session with Nicole and she was lovely! She made the whole experience very comfortable for both of us. She even managed to get some smiles and giggles out of my very shy toddler. I’m so glad we documented this important and meaningful breastfeeding journey. These are photos I’ll treasure."- Allison

Take a peak at some examples of breastfeeding photos and if you are interested in a session, I am having another breastfeeding mini session on September 15th (rain date September 16th). These sessions are $200. I am collaborating with Mother's Milk Alliance this month for Breastfeeding Month and if you donate milk to MMA in August, you are entered to win a FREE breastfeeding mini on Sept 15th! Head over to Mother's Milk Alliance to learn more about donating. You can contact them directly from their website on where to drop off your donated milk! Don't let your milk go to waste in your freezer! All the milk given to MMA stays in our community and goes to babies that need it! You would be giving such an amazing gift.

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