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     Being a mom of small kids, I know how fast life flies by. My memory had never been the greatest so I rely heavily on photographs to remind me of all the milestones we've celebrated together. I thrive capturing the little, everyday moments. I love capturing candid moments for my clients. 

   After I became a mom myself I started doing birth photography. I have always been drawn to the birth world and I quickly fell in love with the raw emotion and love that surrounded every birth. I love being able to tell a family's love story as they welcome a new baby. my goal is to be the birthing person's eyes. 


     I could never do what I do without an amazing support system behind me. I am married to my high school sweetheart who always pushes me to do what I love, amazing friends who inspire me, and a loving family who supports my dreams. 

Trained Doula through DONA International!

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