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Watching families grow over time is one of the best parts of being a photographer. Being a mom myself, I know how fast moments and milestones can pass by. Having a photographer for your journey lets you fully immerse yourself into each and every experience. My goal is to capture emotion in my photography so that you can look back and feel the experience all over again.  


What is the difference between a fresh 48 and a postpartum day 1 session? A fresh 48 Session is done at the hospital before you are discharged. A postpartum day one session is done at your home. Some moms prefer me to meet you coming home to get their other kids meeting baby in it, and others would prefer the next day. 

* NEW* Baby sessions are a new session where I come to your home and document your life with your new baby! This is raw and unposed. 30 minute sessions. This is perfect for young babies! 



Birth (comes with maternity)

Fresh 48 (In Hospital)- 

Postpartum: Day 1 (At home)

Newborn Session (In Home Lifestyle)

Baby Session








Birth Video

Session Video

Milestone months




Birth Package- Waves



 Maternity Session, Birth, and Newborn Session

Birth Package- Transition



Maternity Session, Birth Session, Birth Video, and Newborn Session

Birth Package- Complete



Maternity Session, Birth Session, Birth Video, Newborn Session and Milestone Months. 

All sessions include sales tax & travel costs for photographer within 30 mile radius of Oregon, WI.

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