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Cody O'Claire : My experience with Nicole as a birth photographer is an amazing one. My initial thoughts of having a birth photographer was more of an excitement for my wife, and not for myself. I figured there would just be some great photos. Not to mention, quite a bit of money spent for these photos.


Not only were there great photos taken but also a sense of calmness and reassurance was provided. Nicole's experience in the birthing scene is evident, in the calming words and with tips along the way. She felt more like a doula than a birth photographer. She was able to help calm my wife when I didn't know what to do or say. She would walk over and put her hands on my wife's shoulder, and it was amazing to see my wife's entire body relax. I would have never known to do that. Now thinking about it, she would do the same to me once in a while. She would put a hand to my back and let me know this is all normal. It helped me stay calm as well. 


She was with us early in the morning(midnight-ish) keeping my wife company while everyone else slept, and stayed with us until long after our son was here the next night. If I would have truly known, what having a birth photographer was, I would have done this all with each of my other children. This experience was well worth the money, and with everything we got, it was extremely priceless and money well spent. Having Nicole there as a birth coach was well worth the money in itself, the beautiful photos were just a bonus. Thank you for everything Nicole. My wife and I both feel we have gained a great friend through all of this as well. You are amazing at what you do.



Tiffany Angell : "Before Nicole, I had never had professional photos taken of my family. I was nervous about the cost, about what to wear, even how I would look in the photos. In 2018, I knew instantly that I wanted to photograph our wedding. I had been following her on Facebook for a while and loved everything about her style of all the different genres of photography. From wedding, to Birth Photography, to family I loved that she always captured the rawness of motherhood and family. My family and I have since done 5 different shots with Nicole. From our family engagement photos to our wedding to a Mommy and Me session with my youngest to our family photos this past spring. My kids love her. My husband doesn't feel uncomfortable or awkward while we are in a session and she always seems to find the greatest shots that we didn't even know we wanted. Like this one. My most favorite. It's of my then 11 year old son walking down the aisle to marry his stepdad. I cannot describe how precious this photo is to me. How in the craziness of the day, I will always have this moment frozen in time. Of me and my first boy walking into a new life together. In a few short months, Nicole will be with as my husband and I bring our second son, our rainbow baby, into this world by being our birth photographer. But more than that, knowing that she will be by my side as I bring my fourth (and final!) baby into this world gives me a sense of calm and peace, not only for the photos that we will cherish for forever but for the friend that I have found to be by my side."

Lauren McCaw: "Nicole is not only immensely talented, but she was so patient, kind, and encouraging, especially since it took my toddler awhile to settle down for the session. Nicole took extra time out of her Saturday to make sure we got the perfect session, and I couldn’t be more grateful. The photos are stunning, and they are such a precious memory of this time in our lives. Nicole made us feel like her friends, and we can’t wait to hire her again." 


Heather Combs: "When I got pregnant with our 3rd and final baby I fell into the assumption that I would have to have a C-section again, that I would never get to experience birthing a baby naturally, I would never experience that connection with my husband as we worked as a team to bring our baby into this world, but this is why hiring Nicole for birth photography was such an easy decision! Nicole spoke with me before I even hired her and encouraged me to make decisions for myself, to do the research, and she made me feel heard and told me that it was possible for me to have the birth I dreamed of I just needed to find the right team. She was supportive and encouraging BEFORE I even hired her and honestly I believe my birth experience would not have happened without her! She not only captured our birth story so perfectly that it is as if I am right back there feeling every emotion while going through the photos but she also was a huge support and part of the success I was able to have in birthing our beautiful girl! Nicole empowers women to trust in themselves and having her there with her encouraging words and support helped me push myself but also helped me trust myself enough to know every decision I made was the right one because I was making it. Nicole has become a friend and I could not have had my vba2c without her and her encouragement (oh and her teaching my husband back pressure because oh did I need the back pressure!!)! I could say so much more about Nicole, she is truly one of a kind and she is amazing at what she does and is way more than "just" a birth photographer!"


Allison Lynch: "I first met Nicole while doing a breastfeeding mini session. She perfectly captured my beautiful and funny toddler nursing experience. Little did I know that Nicole would soon become a huge part of my life. I hired Nicole as my birth photographer for my second birth. After experiencing a traumatic first birth, I knew I wanted to document the second since births are so deeply transformative for a family. Nicole soon turned into a friend that was cheering me on as I reached 42 weeks. On my son’s birth day, Nicole was my eyes. By having her there to document the experience, I could relax and get into labor land. She always had that extra hand to hold and I never felt like I was having my picture taken. My son’s birth was the most amazing experience and I’m so glad to have those pictures to look back on and notice all the things I would have forgotten. Nicole captured the very moment my heart was healed, shown in this picture. Nicole has a gift of both supporting families and taking breathtaking photos. I’ve found my photographer for life, but more importantly, I’ve found a friend who supports me in new motherhood and shows me through photos how beautiful this life is."

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Kyia Leeper : "We hired Nicole to do our engagement and wedding photos and she did an amazing job. Not only can she take beautiful photos, she is quick and effective. She doesn't waste time and knows exactly what she is doing. She's so kind and down to earth, and is such a pleasure to work with. As someone who doesn't enjoy the center of attention, Nicole is able to take all of the pressure and awkwardness away and finds a way to capture the most amazing moments. Plus, she got us over 200 sneak peaks within a week of our wedding! I can't recommend her enough!"


Tori Close: "Our experiences with Nicole Streeter Photography have been so memorable! Not only does she know the best ways to get the types of images we love, but she also does it while making all of us feel comfortable and at ease. Her images tell a beautiful story about the different seasons of our lives. From Christmas photos to mini nursing sessions her attention to detail bring all of our memories to life in the most perfect way!"


Anne Jones: "I’m not exactly sure what drew me to wanting a birth photographer, but now that we’ve had one I can’t really imagine going without it. Especially because hiring Nicole is getting so much more than a photographer. Instead it’s like having your own personal cheer leader/support person/friend/ and doula.... AND she also just happens to be documenting precious memories. I felt comfortable with Nicole from the very second she walked in to my messy house and didn’t bat and eye. My maternity session ended up being like 12 hours before my son made his appearance, but I felt like I had known Nicole forever.

I am an OB nurse myself. I have seen precipitous births before but I never thought I would have one myself! I went to the hospital simply to get fluids and was told I was 1 cm. Being an hour away, I let my doula and photographer know. They both left immediately, but in that hour drive, I went from a 1 to a 10 and had my son very fast! Nicole and my Doula walked in as I was getting stitched up. To no fault of her own Nicole didn’t make it. Nicole documented from then on (which is very precious to me as it is his story!)and then we also did a special postpartum session in place of my actual delivery photos. Nicole was so sweet about the whole thing and even made a point to tribute my son’s birth at the postpartum session... he was born in the shower so we did some fun shower shots! I could go on and on, really. Bottom line? Hire Nicole, for birth, for maternity, for postpartum, for one year... for it all... you won’t be disappointed (even if you have a fast birth like me!). "


Jana Draeger: "Nicole is so amazing and talented! You would never know that there was crazy going on from the photos she captures! I cherish all the images she captures for me-and they always tell a story. She truly captures the amazing out of my chaos."


Rachel Holdener: "I decided to hire a birth photographer last minute and I’m so fortunate to have stumbled upon Nicole. Right away, I felt comfortable with her and she was super responsive and answered all my questions. She was great during my mini maternity shoot with my husband and 3 year old daughter. It was easy to coordinate with her leading up and during labor.

I have lovely memories of having her there during my labor. She is wonderful at reading a room and knowing when to chat and when to hang back. She’s so adaptable! The pictures she captured tell the whole story of my birth and I will cherish them forever. The are beautiful and capture all of the emotion we felt that day.

It’s impossible to pick a favorite picture, but if I have to choose it would be one of all three of us - my baby, husband, and me. The looks Nicole captured between me and my husband are priceless and something we couldn’t have done by ourselves.

We did a Fresh 48 too and I’m so happy we did. We were able to capture our daughter and both of our parents meeting our son for the first time. The pictures are magical.

The best thing about Nicole is her passion for supporting women. You see it in everything she does. She’s wonderful!"


Kimberlin Payne: "Working with Nicole for our postpartum photos (Postpartum Day 1 session) was such a wonderful experience. She beautifully captured much of the story that was the home birth of our second son. The images are a perfect time capsule of our first hours as a family of four. Looking back, the excitement, love, and exhaustion were palpable in these photos and we will treasure them forever."


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