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Conrad's Birth Story- Fast Birth- Accidental Unassisted Homebirth

Our first son, Adrian, was born at home in 2017 with the most incredible birth team that helped us feel safe and supported throughout the entire process (prenatal, birth, postnatal). We loved and looked forward to all of our appointments with our midwife and student midwife team so the second I got a positive pregnancy test, she was the very next person I notified. I was thrilled when she was available and told me that our same student midwife would still be with us throughout my pregnancy and birth. Yay! Much of my second pregnancy felt exactly the same as my first. The timeline, the symptoms, the aches and pains, even my final blood pressure reading was exactly the same at my last appointm

Oakland's Birth Story- Unmedicated-Castor Oil

When you are about to give birth to your fourth child, you think that you know how everything is going to go. After all, you have given birth three times prior…you should know what birth is like, right? I have been learning that in motherhood, even with vast experience, all things can, and likely will, be new. In birth, there is no true known aside from unknown of nature. She is unpredictable, she is loud, she is challenging, she is beautiful. In all my previous births, I had extremely quick labor and deliveries. One even making his way out onto an unprepared birth table, a nurse running for gloves, and no doctor in sight. After such a birth, you would think that all your following births wo

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